What are the Consequences of a Short Sale?

How will a short sale affect me?

Consequences of a Short Sales

Yes, there are consequences of a short sale, but they are way less severe than a foreclosure.  A foreclosure is the ‘atomic bomb’ of credit hits.

The consequences of a short sale may include the following:

  • Deficiency judgement– bank sues you for the difference of the amount the house sold for and the amount owed.  For example, if you owed $120,000 and you house sold for $100,000 via short sale, then the bank may sue you for the deficiency of $20,000.
  • 1099– if, as in the scenario above, you have a deficiency of $20,000, then the IRS may consider this $20,000 as income.  Their logic is that if you didn’t pay it as an expense, then it is income, and you may be taxed accordingly.
  • Drop in credit score– most likely a short sale will drop your credit score anywhere from 80-150 points.  It’s not an exact science but the higher your starting credit score, the more it will drop.

However, all of these circumstances are better if you go through a short sale rather than a foreclosure.  In a short sale, you may be able to negotiate against a deficiency judgement where you have no chance in a foreclosure.  You may be able to improve your credit score quicker and qualify for an FHA home loan quicker with a short sale on your credit score as compared to a foreclosure.

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