Can I Do A Short Sale Myself?

Do I really need a third party company to perform a short sale?

Why You May Want to Avoid Performing a Short Sale Yourself

In truth, you may be able to start a short sale, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll have the expertise to get it past the finish line.  Most homeowners are not familiar with how a short sale works and how to negotiate with a bank.  Working your own short sale isn’t the time to gain that experience because one mistake and your house can wind up in foreclosure.  With over 1,000 successful short sale transactions and a team of experienced short sale negotiators, Shenoah Grove and Hippie Hollow Homes have what it takes to push a short sale across the finish line.

It’s even more than just negotiating with the bank.  Performing a short sale means being able to find a buyer for the property as well.  Also, during this time, you’ll have to be looking for a place for you and your family to live.  Plus, most banks require that you list the property during the process.  Doesn’t it make more sense to utilize the services of an experienced short sales team?  Especially when you will not be required to pay any out of pocket expenses for the service!

With over 1,200 real estate transactions performed since 2003, there is very little that Hippie Hollow Homes hasn’t experienced, especially when it comes to helping home owners sell their house fast.

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