Hippie Hollow Homes, LP, has brokered over 1,200 real estate transaction since 2003. Our accomplishments include helping over 500 homeowners avoid foreclosure by buying (or finding a buyer for) their home through a short sale, buying over 100 homes for cash, finding buyers for hundreds of other homeowners, and providing many, many creative solutions ranging from taking over payments to arranging home swaps. Below you’ll see some of the accolades we’ve received from our clients commenting on their experience.

“I needed to sell a home in Central Austin in 48 hours. Hippie Hollow Homes was able to get the deal done!”
– Lane R

“I live in Ohio and needed to sell a home I inherited in Austin. Hippie Hollow Homes bought it for cash in less than a week.”
– Tom B

“I wanted to sell my home quickly in South Austin and tried everything. Hippie Hollow agreed to take over my mortgage payments. Success!!”
– Terry C

“We tried to sell the home but we owed too much and were having trouble keeping the payments going. Hippie Hollow was able to negotiate our loan with our lender and sell the home for us. Without them, a foreclosure was inevitable!”
– Shannon N

“The bank was about to foreclose on us. Hippie Hollow came in and stopped the foreclosure and then bought our home through a short sale. Our credit was saved and the problem gone!”
– Terry and Chandra R

“I considered selling the home quickly for cash but then decided to let them try to list it for me first (with their cash offer as a backup). As it turned out, they found me a buyer and I made more money!”
– Saundra E

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