How This Works

Hippie Hollow Homes

How Hippie Hollow Homes Works

Never has it been so FAST and EASY to sell any home in any situation.

Hippie Hollow Homes, LP, is uniquely different from any other real estate solutions provider. Whereas real estate agents utilize ONE method to buy and sell properties – the multiple listing service (MLS)-  Hippie Hollow Homes utilizes 12 different strategies.

Contact Us

Call our 24-hour operator at 512-473-6633 or complete the home questionnaire


Here’s how this works…

  • Contact us and let us prepare your offer(s)
  • We research your home and neighborhood, and prepare a series of purchase offers and scenarios
  • We will call you back quickly to review offers and/or schedule a time to meet
  • We will always make you a cash offer
  • We will always offer to list your home, with our purchase offer as a back-up
  • We will also make you some creative offers that may be more beneficial to your situation and timeframe
  • Choose your plan or say “No Thanks”

This is a no-pressure, no-obligation process

It’s That Easy!!


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