What is Forbearance?


What is a Forbearance?

The best way to keep a home when a homeowner has a temporary financial hardship is a forbearance plan.

A forbearance plan is an agreement made between a lender and the homeowner where the lender allows the homeowner to miss a couple of payments (or forgives a couple of already missed payments) and then requires the homeowner to make up the payments later – in most cases by making payment-and-a-half payments for several months in a row after the missed payments.

The disadvantage to a forbearance plan is that most people are either not eligible for these plans, or those that are, are not able to ever catch up once the payment-and-a-half payments period begin. They just cannot afford the new payments.

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Question About Forbearance

Can anyone get a forbearance?

No, in most cases the lender will have to review each homeowner’s individual circumstance to see if they are eligible. If you miss payments causing a hardship due to a temporary situation (such as a one-time expense), then you are more likely to be eligible and the program probably makes sense. If, however, your financial hardship is on-going, a forebearance probably won’t be approved, and won’t do any good anyway. In these situations, a short-sale may be a better choice.

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